Board Message

Board Message

We, United Resources Real Estate Co. (URRC), has kept up with the pace of changes and developments with Kuwait's changing scenario ? a major boom in the construction and real estate segments. Our organization is still pursuing new business horizons created by developments in construction technology.

Our commitment to business ethics has earned us an enormous trust. We always intend to build on our position of leadership with trust by dealing with professionalism and providing the best services. Established in year 2005 and since then the company has grown and continued to show immense progress. I take the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions made by my sincere team of employees to the upliftment of the company and to bring it to the level where it stands today. I have great trust in their dedication & hard-work and have a positive notion that they will definitely take the organization forward to a much more higher level.

New technology development becomes the essential means to meet the ever increasing demands of the market, especially with the fact that Kuwait and the region cannot only survive on discoveries of Oil, Gas & Petro-chemicals. We have to look beyond this horizon and start to develop varied industries or something new to keep ourselves abreast of other developing countries of the world. And the best example is our baby Project Olympia Mall and Towers launched in 2005 and also Hilton Hotel is under construction and will be launched soon.

We aim at making the best of the possibilities of the 21st Century. Our philosophy is not to resist change, but rather to adapt ourselves to change taking place, face new challenges and take advantage of the new innovations.

Our Real Estate business has emerged as a key business sector, thus defining a planned and vigorous expansion in our respective field. At the same we retain our strength in the relative sectors that laid the foundation of our organization. The reason for our good reputation and strong standing in the market is the quality and unmatched services.

Our purpose is to improve each day. Our name is a unique asset representing leadership with trust. Leveraging this asset to enhance group efforts and become globally competitive is our route to sustained growth and long-term success.

Ghassan Al Saleh